The nuclear energy industry, an asset for the country

A case in point, France has chosen to develop a large nuclear fleet strongly boosting its economy and helping achieve its climate objectives and in particular its goal of carbon neutrality.


    Carbon-free electricity generated from nuclear source*


    Employees in the nuclear field in France*

    *2021 French figures

  • Circa

    CO2 emissions avoided per year in France*

Thanks to a carbon-free electricity, the nuclear industry strongly contributes to the energy transition and the Net-Zero 2050 ambition, while ensuring the country’s independence. It also participates in the country’s growth with more than 220,000 jobs in the nuclear industry in France and more than 3,000 companies of all sizes. It is one of the largest industrial sectors in France.

EDF India: developing France’s nuclear energy

Nuclear power: a major contribution to decarbonized generation

Employing 50,000 people in the sole nuclear field, EDF has developed a nuclear fleet representing in France 71% of the installed capacity and generating 88% of the country’s electricity.

EDF is deeply committed to supporting the French decarbonization strategy and ready to build new nuclear reactors in France to support the French fleet renewal. In that regard, EDF is delighted with the French President’s announcement, on February 10th, 2022, which confirmed France’s willingness to launch a construction program of 6 EPR2 reactors by 2035 with potentially 8 more by 2050. This announcement confirms that nuclear power, alongside renewable energies, will play a major role in achieving France's climate objectives while contributing to the country's growth and energy sovereignty.