EPR: a proven and robust nuclear reactor for high energy demand

  • 1,730

    Gross power output

  • 60


  • ≥90


  • 12 - 24

    Operation cycle length

EDF India: EPR nuclear reactor

The EPR nuclear reactor

The most powerful nuclear reactor worldwide, the EPR reactor has been designed with the highest standards of safety as well as optimised technical, economic and environmental performance.

The EPR nuclear reactor: cutting-edge, safe, respectful of the environment

Benefitting from unrivalled operating performance, EPR is the only Generation III+ nuclear reactor in the world, already licensed by four recognised nuclear authorities: in France, the United Kingdom, Finland and China.


A proven technical configuration for Generation III+ reactors resulting from 60 years of experience and mature PWR technology


Nuclear safety is our overriding priority and is at the forefront of what we do.

A GEN III+ technology with the highest standards of safety with strong resistance:

  • Design taking into account external extreme hazards
  • Post-Fukushima requirements integrated in the design
  • Resistance to severe accident as per design: very low frequency of severe accident


Outstanding operating performance with an availability over 90%

An unbeatable flexibility thanks to load-following: capacity to adjust its power up to 80% in 30 minutes twice a day as per design

A highly dispatchable solution with an availability 24 hours a day 7 days a week on demand

A high degree of localisation to boost our clients’ economy


Carbon-free electricity generation avoiding 10,5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per reactor per year

Biodiversity preservation thanks to a limited land footprint and high energy density

Nuclear energy: EDF EPR reactor

Building a long-term partnership

EDF manages the entire nuclear power plant lifecycle





EDF's key assets in nuclear energy

A potential of more than 30 EPR reactors by 2050

With a potential of more than 30 EPR reactors across the world, EDF is fully engaged in nuclear new build activities and is committed to supporting its domestic program as well as several countries in their nuclear energy development.

EDF’s future nuclear projects around the world