A partner in India’s future

Present in India for over 25 years, EDF is a key partner in the country's ambitious energy development and transition programme.

3 sectors where we make a difference

Through a wide range of projects, EDF Group is active in 3 key sectors in India. The Group supports the government in upgrading India’s electricity network, helping to decarbonize electricity and create smart cities that better serve the population.

  1. Nuclear

    EDF has a central role in developing the biggest nuclear power plant in India and the world.

  2. Renewables

    Our solar and wind farms generate 476 MW from our commissioned plants, with 2366 MW of projects in the pipeline.

  3. Services

    We supply India’s cities with services to make their networks more efficient and more intelligent.

Our flagship projects

Through these projects, we contribute to India’s energy transition and help make a positive impact on its citizens' lives.


Jaitapur Power Plant


Gujarat Wind farm


5 million Smart Meters


Koldam Power Project

EDF Pulse India: the winners are unveiled

The first edition of the EDF Pulse India contest has rewarded 4 start-ups for their innovative ideas in sustainability. The competition aims to support India’s energy transition, and attracted some very innovative concepts from local entrepreneurs.

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