What is digital accessibility?

An accessible website allows people with disabilities to access its content and functionality without difficulty.

For example, using an accessible site, you can:

  • Browse with speech synthesis and/or a refreshable Braille display (used mainly by blind and visually impaired people).
  • Customize the site’s display settings to suit your needs (increasing or reducing character size, changing colours, etc.).
  • Navigate without using the mouse (with the keyboard only, via a touch screen, voice or any other suitable device).

To do this, the site must comply with the standards in force at the time when it is produced and updated.

Accessibility statement

EDF undertakes to make its internet, intranet, extranet sites and its mobile applications accessible in accordance with Article 47 of French Law No. 2005–102 of February 11, 2005.

To this end, it shall implement the following strategy and actions:

This accessibility statement applies to india.edf.com.

Compliance status

The india.edf.com website is partially compliant with the French General Accessibility Framework (RGAA), version 4.1, due to the nonconformities and derogations listed below.

Test results

Atalan’s compliance audit shows that 89% of the RGAA version 4.1 criteria are met.

Content not accessible

Details of nonconformities

  • Criterion 3.1: "On every web page, the information should not be given by color alone. Is this rule observed?"
  • Criterion 8.2: "For each web page, is the source code generated valid according to the specified document type?"
  • Criterion 8.7: "On each web page, is each language change indicated in the source code (except in special cases)?"
  • Criterion 9.1: "On each web page, is the information structured by the appropriate use of titles?"
  • Criterion 9.3: "On each web page, is each list correctly structured?"
  • Criterion 10.6: "On each web page, is every link whose nature is not obvious visible in relation to the surrounding text?"

The process of making the india.edf.com website accessible continues to make progress, and some of the criteria invalidated during the audit have already been corrected since or will soon be corrected via technical and/or editorial work.

Content not subject to the accessibility obligation

  • How cookies provided by a third party publisher are managed.
    The cookie management method used on the site india.edf.com is not fully accessible. This component is supplied by a third-party publisher and is not under the control of EDF.

Drafting of this accessibility statement

This statement was drafted on August 18, 2022. It was updated on July 6, 2023.

Technologies used to produce [name, site url]

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • WAI-ARIA 1.1

Test environment

The content restitution checks were performed based on the combination provided by the RGAA 4.1 reference base with the following versions:

  • Firefox 109.0 and NVDA 2021.3.1
  • Firefox 109.0 and Jaws 2020.
  • Chrome 109.0 and Talkback 12

Tools to assess accessibility

  • Color Contrast Analyser.
  • Contrast Finder.
  • HeadingsMap (Firefox extension).
  • Firefox development tools.
  • Web Developer Toolbar (Firefox extension).

Pages of the site that have been checked for compliance

  1. Homepage
  2. Contacts
  3. Legal information
  4. Sitemap
  5. Search results (keyword: “EDF”)
  6. Our activities
  7. Presence
  8. Nuclear
  9. Powering India’s energy transition

Feedback and contact

If you are unable to access any content or service, you can contact the website manager to be directed to an accessible alternative or obtain the content in another form:

  • Send a message using the contact form
  • Contact EDF:
    22-30, avenue de Wagram
    75008 Paris, France
    Tel.: 33 (0)1 40 42 22 22.

Appeals procedure

This procedure is to be used in the following case.
You have reported to the website manager an accessibility error that prevents you from accessing any content or services on the portal and you have not received a satisfactory response.


Your accessible site with FACIL’iti

What is FACIL’iti?

FACIL’iti is an innovative digital accessibility solution that automatically adapts the content and graphics of the edf.fr website to improve digital accessibility for many types of handicap (visual, motor and cognitive), or simply to facilitate ease of reading.

FACIL’iti makes the display of edf.fr sites more accessible to people who have difficulties in browsing or are seeking greater user-friendliness! Equipping your website or intranet with FACIL’iti allows you to open your organisation, its services and/or its products to a wider target market of Internet users.

Intended for use by those looking for ease of use when browsing the Internet, FACIL’iti offers many features to support several forms of additional visual, motor or cognitive needs.

FACIL’iti: how does it work?

  1. Open the FACILI’iti website by clicking here.
  2. Create your custom profile or choose one from the profiles library.

    Once you have chosen a profile or features, they will be applied continuously to all sites that have installed FACIL’iti.

    You can then close the FACIL’iti website.
  3. Go back to the edf.fr website

Whenever you return to the edf.fr site, it will then be adapted to your needs.