Deploying 5 million smart meters

In 2018 EDF in India won a call for tender to install 5 Million Smart Meters Pan India along with associated advanced metering infrastructure. The deal with state-owned company EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited) is a valuable opportunity for us to support the government in its ambitious project to upgrade the country’s power distribution network and create smart cities.

Deploying 5 million smart meters is not without its challenges. The project was officially launched in October 10th, 2018. Meters had to be installed in a range of residential, professional and industrial buildings. And they needed to be compatible with the standards of different distributors and states. The objective? To boost the network’s efficiency and reduce losses by enabling data from the meters to be transferred seamlessly and automatically to different billing systems.

So far we have installed 100K+ Smart Meters in Bihar, a rural state in eastern India with 120 million inhabitants. Today, the project is in its roll-out phase, with 1,300 meters deployed daily by EDF International Networks. We’ve also developed a complete IT solution featuring a pre-paid system that is the first of its kind in India.

As part of the contract, we will ensure the operation and maintenance of all 5 million meters for a period of 8 years. The project has helped position us as a major player in smart metering in India, a country with a huge potential market of around 270 million meters.

EDF India: smart meters