A smart upgrade for street lighting in Ahmedabad

Since 2014, Citelum India has been working with the city of Ahmedabad in western India to modernise its public lighting. The initial mission was to manage around 208,000 street lights in this city of 8 million people. As part of the contract, we transformed more than 100,000 lights from conventional fittings to LEDs, and developed a new street lighting infrastructure. Thanks to these measures, the number of complaints registered by the city has been reduced by almost a half. Ahmedabad municipality recently signalled its satisfaction by renewing the 5-year management contract with Citelum India until 2025.

In addition, Citelum has been working with the city on smart lighting solutions. It has a 5-year contract to operate and manage 6,000 smart LED fittings along a major bus corridor in the city. And, in 2020, it installed and began operating and maintaining 14,200 individual controllers for LED fittings. Another significant step in Ahmedabad’s journey towards becoming a smart city.

EDF India: smart lighting solutions in Ahmedabad