A long standing commitment to select key Indian suppliers in the nuclear energy sector

EDF considers localisation as a lever for developing skilled resources and supporting the Indian economy.
National involvement will also benefit the project and help achieve global competitiveness.

Decarbonisation: EDF indian suppliers

Promoting « Make in India » and « Skill India » national initiatives

Relying on the strong Indian industry, EDF has already achieved major steps in localisation and skill development in order to secure a high level of local content. As a result, EDF will be in the position to secure a high level of local content:

EDF promotes talents in India

More than 200 Indian companies have been identified by EDF and its partners in all fields of engineering and procurement (mechanical, HVAC, I&C and electrical equipment)

A Center of Excellence

A Center of Excellence is being studied to target the development of all the skills necessary for the implementation of the Jaitapur Project at the stages of construction, commissioning and operational activities

Setting up an engineering platform

EDF and its partners are in the process of setting up an engineering platform in the State of Maharashtra relying on qualified Indian engineering resources and aiming at producing one third of all the detailed engineering studies of the project representing several millions of engineering hours and hundreds of high skilled jobs


5 Suppliers’ events have already been organised in India

For any question or interest in joining EDF’s process for the Jaitapur Project, you can contact our team in charge of the supply chain and localization strategy
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